driftkikker @ New York's Clubs

This is what a prominent NY DJ Rafe Gomez has to say about music of Driftkikker

Soul. Jazz. Cool analog funk. And an ultra heaping helping of infectious groovedom – that’s the Driftkikker steelo, and it’s wowing heads at NYC’s Cellar Bar, where I kick it each week. Keep on y’all. Your flow is crazy tasty…

Hosted by DJ Rafe Gomez, The Groove Boutique� combines scintillating tracks from the world�s most exciting jazz genres, including:
70s soul jazz
80s jazz-funk
90s acid jazz
Today’s uptempo smooth jazz, nu jazz, and chill jazz The result is an exhilarating listening experience that melds vibrant jazz musicianship with dynamic, irresistible rhythms.

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