Gig @ SJU Jazz Club DJazzive

Varkenmarkt 2, Utrecht, 3501 DB

Cost: 5 euro

– EN – Evening Club that draws attention to jazzdance, funk urban, hiphop, and worldmusic.

Every friday SJU is a jazzspot in Utrecht, for dans-lusty club Djazzive loves to keep it Funky, no wonder that there are performances by us and Rundfunk DJ’s, so this will be a night out, cut out for enjoyment

– NL – Een club avond met voornamelijk jazzdance, funk, urban, hiphop,en wereld muziek.

Elke vrijdag is er in de SJU, de jazzspot van Utrecht, voor danslustigen club djazzive en die avond houdt het graag funky. Vanaf 22:00 Driftkikker, daarna de Runderfunkers dus, een avond met jazz en funk op maat gesneden voor genieten.

One thought on “Gig @ SJU Jazz Club DJazzive

  1. Daddo says:

    Just for the record,
    The gig was fantastic, Atmosphere was great, People were enthusiastic,
    and the sound-engineers were awesome, we had a great time and will surely be back.
    Many thanx to everyone who attended, and to the people from the organization.
    If you were not there, don’t sweat it we have photos here on the site to mend your pain.

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