Radio Laser 95.9fm FRANCE

Driftkikker is being greatly received in FRANCE through Radio Laser 95.9FM.
Radio Laser has been conceived and concepted by Sly Athann a renowned French producer in 1992, after the success of Radio Laser, few years later (1995) follows the creation and a production of a CD program “Black Swing” that has been diffused on more then 260 radios all over the world. He has also produced a dozen records under the name Steve Austeen, and recently has colaborated with Gillian O’Donovan who has toured the world with many different groups (backing vocalist with Eurhythmics, Joe Cocker, Phil Collins, John Cale, Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen Amongst Others)
Driftkikker is proud to be exposed to the French audience through Sly’s show !
Swing by RadioLaser and say Hi to Sly !

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