You, Me & Water Part 2

After my short intro (part 1) here are some facts of the state of things that I thought everyone should be aware of.

future is in our hands

You know it so easy to forget that after air pollution, water pollution is the most serious threat faced by the whole world at the moment. As many of you will already know more then 1.1 billion people on the planet do not have clean water, Oceans and Seas are being depleted of their riches through overfishing and the waste.Interestingly much op this accumulated in the last 50 years or so.
Did you know that we have only 3% of sweet water (rivers, lakes & ice) on the whole world, while the rest 97% is being oceans and seas? Did you know that 2.997 of this water is being frozen in the polar caps or it’s trapped beneath the Earth surface too deep to be extracted. I was flabbergasted when I learned this fact. This means that we are left with only .003% of the total water stock on the planet that can be used to cover our daily needs.
Sweet water, suddenly even the name starts to have another meaning, right?
Now you would think that this equation would bring us about in our dealings with the water, the second essential element for human being to sustain its existence. Unfortunately for all of us we know that this isn’t so, the merciless polluting of our precious resource still happens on the daily basis.

Another terrifying fact is that all the water pollutants are decreasing the self-purifying ability of the water bodies. This means that these lose the capacity to recycle the wastes. What does that mean on the long run? One thing effects the other, so more and more algae will be created, as algae feeds on water-oxygen this increase will leave none for other aquatic life, this eventually leads water to die while other undesired toxins build up, this time not from our waste, but from the water that’s unable to purify itself, in the end we are left with water that harbours diseases, but hey, all in the name of progress and the better future?

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