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Thus, with­out steal­ing or lazily recy­cling from other gen­res, ana­logue and dig­i­tal merge into an easy-listening flow of relax­ing tunes, as it hap­pens in Bright is my day, where Daddo’s voice and lyrics give their best. This is true in Love is the way, where in a bold encounter Emil Kunto’s accor­dion and Nel­son Latif’s cavaquinho keep teas­ing each other, result­ing in a tune mea­sur­ing up with the best Gotan Project’s performances. The tres­pass­ing into more upbeat rhythms of Oh my love, is also quite remark­able. Some jazzy cues in other tracks com­plete the, nbm dev, Mar 2010

You can read the whole article here written by Lorenzo Marvulli

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