Albums & Singles

Driftkikker D-Time (2009)
2nd CD by Driftkikker filled with cool funky grooves, smooth jazzy atmosphere and unforgettable lyrics

Coming of the light
Coming of the light (2006)
15 tracks, unusual blends of musical styles. This debut is being acclaimed by the reviewers as a fresh, creative, innovative, forefront of fine jazz tinted music and easy to fall in love with.
Your Expression (single)
Your Expression-single (2005)
First single Your expression was released in july 2005, this track combines enjoyable melodies with gentle lyrics to create refreshing and unique rhythmic jazzy crossover. Later released as a part of debut “Coming of the Light”.[/col2_end]

Compilations & Remixes

Mercedes-Benz MixedTape 14

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 14 (2006)
Moving music for moving people.
Mixed tape is following firmly in the tradition of lovingly compiled mixed cassettes which combine extraordinary musical moments extending beyond the commonly perceived genres of music

Eolos by \"Roudos\"

Eolos by R.O.U.D.O.S. (2007)
Eolos, swifts, twists and blows in different directions. R.O.U.D.O.S in his typical “unique” approach of exploring electronic music by combining progressive and classical styles of music. The music has the element of a surreal journey.
Includes Superb Remix of Driftkikker’s “Your Expression”.

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