Coming of the light

Preview of “Coming of the light” (2006) by Driftkikker – 8 tracks

At the end of June 2006 Driftkikker released the debut “Coming of the light” containing 15 tracks of unusual but pleasing blends of musical styles. This debut is being critically acclaimed as a fresh, creative, innovative, radio friendly, easy to fall in love with and forefront of fine jazz tinted music.
In twining styles s.a. jazz, pop, world, trip hop, electroacoustic, funk, rock and adding punchy lyrics about daily life issues on top of that while utilizing the power of modern technology with traditional instrumentation, Driftkikker succeeds in it’s goal to create a distinctive sound.
So far this sound has been discovered by people from; USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Greece, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and it’s native Netherlands.

Few Quotes;

“I love it! It’s adventurous, contemporary, an adventure to listen to”
– Elliott Randall guitar on Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ In The Years”, “Fame” and many more…
“A superb combination of styles and eras: nu jazz, ambient, funk and rock. U2 meets Incognito. We love it!”
– Sandy Shore – President/Founder of –
“Enormously interesting, totally exceptional music, entirely varied…”
– Co de Kloet from NPS Studio 6 (Dutch National Radio)

Track Listing;
1 I’ve got to 2 Resistance 3 Changes 4 Another 5 Coming of the light 6 Right now 7 Love potion nr.63 8 Babylon philosophy 9 Life 10 Nobody else 11 Runnin’ 12 Pramousquier 13 Your expression 14 What 15 A-B

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