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Daddo started playing guitar at the age of 13. In the beginning years like many he have founded and played in several teenage bands. At the 1996 he joined the “Tulpe Bolle” a funk rock patchanka band for which he wrote and co-wrote the material, year after that he was one of the founders of the “United States of Consciousness” an interactive avant-garde performance project. During the “USOC” project he have met with Vitali Imerelli the last protégé of Stephane Grapelli, after a short acquaintance Vitali saw Daddo’s potential and decided to make him his pupil, giving him a wealth of musical knowledge.

Beginning of 2001 Daddo started assembling some of the first pieces that would turn out to be the fundaments for his future work.

Daddo is respectively following in the tradition of free approach to the music implementing different musical styles such as funk, latin, jazz, rock, pop, reggae, trip-hop and trance, fusing them in one contemporary sound giving an unique perspective to the music. Some of the major podia Daddo has participated at were North Sea Jazz Festival in Den Haag and Tobacco Road in Miami.



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John grew up in a musical family, his father plays guitar/bass/ukulele, and his mother and sister sing.

He started playing drums at the age of 13 influenced by his uncles who are drummers, so as a kid he was regularly attending the performances of theirs. In his beginning years he learned as many, through a lot of listening an playing along, as much as looking at other great drummers and playing a lot.

At the age of 19 he started taking lessons and is still very grateful to his teacher for helping him avoiding major musical obstacles.

During his career so far John played with and in many bands with versatile music styles from rock to salsa. Some of the people he have cooperated with are; Tasha (‘Tasha’s World’), Sharon den Adel (singer ‘Within Temptation’), Hans v.Eijk (guitarist ‘Jumpin Jewels’), Jim Vodegel (bass player ‘Vertigo’), Glenda Peters, Nippy Noya.

John draws his inspiration and influences out of many different kinds of music.




At the very young age Ned fell in love with music. Ever since he have been actively involved with different styles of musical expressions, with intention to explore and develop his technical and emotional qualities as a musician.

At a very early stage Ned started playing in a metal band. Later he played all round in different bands with different musical styles that eventually led him to jazz (his biggest love so far). Once confronted with the freedom of expression that jazz is offering, he immediately recognized himself in it.

Ned has performed with Onno van Swigchem, Piet Noordijk, Tasha, European Choir Foundation, Music Theater Eigenwijs, Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation and many more. In 2000/01 he worked with Thidrin (Berber cultural project) as a producer, music director, recording engineer, arranger and bass player.


dj roudos


function: Artist/producer/remixer


At the age of 12 Alex began studying the piano at 18 he turned to One year later he set up his first studio and joined the group “Universal Trilogy”, the first ever electronic dance act in Greece. After four years of touring and one vinyl EP released, he decided to go on his own.

In Greece, Alex has made a name for himself along with numerous productions and remixes his songs featured on 2 major dance label compilations. His biggest hits were remixes of the music of a Nepal-Tibetan traditional group called “Huun Huur Tu”, and a remix of “Ekki Attar”, which reached #3 in the Top 10 Singles chart in Greece. In the summer of 2002 his remixes of “Emigre”(a Greek pop rock band) were in the top 10 play lists of almost all the Greek radio stations. Alex’s tracks could be found on many Greek compilations during the past two years.

Alex was signed as an artist/producer/remixer, to the UK independent label, Blue Dove Records and his first EP “A Few Years Back” was released in 2004.

Alex has also signed on with Pencilbrain Records. His remixes of “Snake” and “Feeling Goes On” by the band Pencilbrain, are in a class all of there own. He has that rare ability to keep so much of the original song yet totally turn it on its head and inside out while changing styles and rhythms to take it to a whole new place.

randy winterdal

Randy Winterdal

function: Producer/arranger/bass player


Randy’s musical journey started at the age of 8, when his mother bought him a 16 string mandolin, which he played on until only the bass strings where left on it. Stimulated by his father who was a music lover Randy learned the value of different musical instruments and their function as in the band as in the composition. Randy moved from the Antilles to the Netherlands in the 80’s and since he further build his career playing with Hasta Domingo, Unisono Dos (Ilvio Pietersz), Very Saxy, Vibe Tribe, Trio Cross Currents, Gerardo Rosales en Ronald Snijders. Toured around Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Suriname, Curacao, French-Guyana, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and different West-European countries.

As a freelance he stood with Cedric Dandare, Randal Corsen, Izaline Calister, Denise Jannah and Steve Bridgewater.

Recently he published his debut CD “Ku pasonan chiki” where he had guests such as, Pedro Libert, Gilbert Braaf, Eric Brigitha and Jean-Jacques Rojer.

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