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Thus, with­out steal­ing or lazily recy­cling from other gen­res, ana­logue and dig­i­tal merge into an easy-listening flow of relax­ing tunes, as it hap­pens in Bright is my day, where Daddo’s voice and lyrics give their best. This is true in Love is the way, where in a bold encounter Emil Kunto’s accor­dion and Nel­son Latif’s cavaquinho keep teas­ing each other, result­ing in a tune mea­sur­ing up with the best Gotan Project’s performances. The tres­pass­ing into more upbeat rhythms of Oh my love, is also quite remark­able. Some jazzy cues in other tracks com­plete the, nbm dev, Mar 2010

You can read the whole article here written by Lorenzo Marvulli

You, Me & Water Part 3 [Blue Gold]

Hello Everybody !
Earlier I wrote two articles (part1 & part2) about the condition of the water in the world and me growing up with water pollution.
Needless to say we all know the importance water, to add to curent unfortunate circumstances there are some that care not about it and there are others that only see the profit out of human misery, this leads me to this 3rd sequel on the story of water. Just recently I saw the movie called “Blue Gold” that put things in the perspective as they are at this particular moment and where they could go if we do not start taking notice of the current situation. This movie is filled with very nicely structured information, clues and ideas on alternative ways we can prevent water shortage, get clean water to those who need it the most and stop those who see it only as a goods to make profit on, after all water is our fundamental right like the air we breath. No one should be able to exploit that !

As they say picture speaks for thousand words. Here is the trailer of the movie “Blue Gold” please try to find the time to watch it, you won’t regret it and I’m sure you will feel prone to share it with your friends !

RifRaf Review Feb.2010

Version NL
Driftkikker is een Nederlands collectief rond zanger/componist/multi-instrumentalist Daddo. Zijn werkwijze voor deze opname: een waslijst muzikanten uitnodigen en hen elk afzonderlijk een aantal stukken laten inspelen om vervolgens zelf het geheel aan elkaar te lassen. Toch is dit geen collage geworden maar een doordacht in elkaar gedraaid geheel. Een nachtelijke uitstap in de loungy schemerzones tussen (fusion)jazz, pop en r&b waarbij alle extremen ontweken worden maar wel met extra toevoeging van de juiste beats, grooves en soul. Geen Prefuse 73 dus maar eerder JSP-jazz met moderne tinten of zelfs in de sporen van George Michael (‘Love Is The Way’!). Daddo heeft weliswaar klassemuzikanten uitgekozen voor dit experiment. Onder hen gitarist Elliott Randall (Steely Dan), accordeonist Emil Kunto (Mala Vita) en bassist Randy Winterdal (Dee Dee Bridgewater) terwijl de mastering in handen was van Wes Maebe (Sting, Roger Waters). Echt baanbrekend is het echter nooit. Dit is wel de perfecte soundtrack voor hippe clubs. Niet toevallig staat een van zijn tracks op een mixcompilatie voor een overbekend en duur automerk.

Version EN
Driftkikker is a Dutch collective around singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Daddo. His working method for this record : gather a list of  musicians and let each play pieces separately so that afterwards he would weld the whole on his own. Still, this has not become a collage, but the whole has been well thought through and twisted together in one. A nightly get off in the loungy shimmer zones inbetween (fusion)jazz, pop, and r&b where all extremes are avoided but with extra addition of the right beats, grooves and soul. Not a Prefuse 73 but more likely JSP-jazz record with a modern shades or even in the footsteps of George Michael (‘Love Is The Way’!). Daddo have indeed selected class musicians for this experiment. Among which a guitarist Elliott Randall (Steely Dan), accordionist Emil Kunto (Mala Vita) and the bass player Randy Winterdal (Dee Dee Bridgewater) while the mastering ended in the hands of Wes Maebe (Sting, Roger Waters). Really innovative it is not, however this is the perfect record for the hip clubs. Not by chance does one of his tracks stand on a mixcompilation for a very well known and expensive car brand.

Listen to KX Radio !

KX Radio is the radio station of Rob Stenders, that features Wicked Jazz Sounds show every Wednesday from 19:00-21:00 !
SO from now on you can hear Driftkikker’s D-Time aired on WJS every Wednesday, you know what to do 😉 you can catch it online o n this link!

or, you can open a live stream in your favorite player;

itunes, choose music/advanced/open audiostream and copy this :

And if you don’t hear us… well, don’t stand still, get in touch with them and let em know 🙂 they love it !
Big Thanks everybody, especially to Phil Horneman who does the show, big ups for you man !

oh yeah, don’t forget to check WJS @:

art by daddo

A new year, new beginning!

Some of you knew and some didn’t, besides making music daddo is making art as well, and now you can visit the exhibition of his works at Kunstcafé de Galerie in Warmond (NL) if you are around.

The central topic in Daddo’s work is harmony between nature and culture. People are ensuring the constant expansion of the urban environment and as a consequence are facing change and disappearance of the natural surroundings. Using the relief background creates the impression of landscape that has been build in to the buildings, shaped only out of elements found in the constructions of a city, while the embedded chord net expresses that however we try to rebel against our nature that as well remains to be a harmony that we are living in.

Visit art by daddo for more info

Driftkikker @ NPS Studio 6

Vanaf vandaag is Driftkikker ook te horen op de Nederlandse nationale zender NPS op het programma STUDIO 6, dit is een vijf uur durend liveprogramma met veel muziek: jazz, world & beyond, maar ook uitstapjes naar pop en klassiek. Daarnaast ook uittips, cultuurnieuws en dagelijks een recept. Iedere dag is er een muziekgast die centraal staat. De presentatie is in handen van Vincent van Engelen of Co de Kloet. / Studio 6 wordt elke werkdag uitgezonden om 14:00EN
From today Driftkikker is also to be heard on the national radio (NPS) in the Netherlands on the STUDIO 6 program, this is a five hour live radio show with lots of music: jazz, world & beyond, that also ventures to pop and classic. Also there are useful tips for going out, culture news and one daily recipe. Every day there is a music guest around whom the show spins. The presentation is in the hands of Vincent van Engelen or Co de Kloet. / Studio 6 transmits each working day from 14.00