Interview with Mijke van Wijk on Radio6

Hiya all,

So what’s the news, today I got interviewed by Mijke van Wijk from NPS (Dutch National Radio) Radio6.
She picked up on Driftkikker whilst surfin and got curious about the whole lot behind it 🙂 Gave me a call and we had a most pleasant conversation about how things came to be.

For you who are not familiar with Mijke, here are few words about her:
Mijke’s Middag stands for a pleasant mix of energetic jazz and soul!
Mijke van Wijk lets you hear that jazz is not necessarily a ‘moaning music’: “Jazz is Hip. I oftenly see jazzbands that are turning the clubs upside down. That is the sort of music you can hear on my show. In about five years the whole Netherlands will be listening to jazz at home”, says Mijke van Wijk.

Regularly there are live bands on the show and present the latest tracks or projects. Next to that Mijke is keeping you updated about the most important developments in the Jazz, Soul and World.

You can listen online every working day as well @
Wanna listen to it today go to
Or catch the previous shows @

Holland Centraal "LUMC"

On the typical Dutch day filled with pouring rain and gusts of wind yesterday I made it to the studio of the Holland Centraal, where I had a pleasure of meeting the wonderful Lianne who extended the invitation for the interview on her show Lianne’s Ultimate Music Choice (LUMC).
Due to the fact that I was stuck in the rain, I was somewhat late, but nevertheless I came in with enough time to spare for a decent interview. Liane is a great host and I really had a great time during my stay, so for all of you who are avid followers of her show, or listening to Holland Centraal occasionally, from now on you are able to hear some of the Driftkikker’s music on :
105.7 FM in the ether
88.1 FM on the cable

Interview @ RPL FM

Daddo was interviewed by RPL FM show called Afslag Woerden, presented by Maarten Verduijn the programme is focused on bringing the fresh news about culture and latest developments on the musical field, there was a lot spoken about the development of Driftkikker’s music, where do we go and how did we get there.
For all interested there is a chance to win the CD & T-Shirt if you send the mail to afslagwoerden[at]