Greppelpop 2008

It was amazing, it was awesome, thoroughly enjoyable!!!

Met cool people, made music and had a lot of fun, shared a stage with cool musicians and made new friends!
Among wich “Misty Basement” and “Little Mystic” sticked out.
We especially enjoyed meeting up with “Mala Vita” a folk punk rock band, memorably great bunch of people!

Marianne Fortuin, for Hart van Holland wrote:

Striking because of original music was the band Driftkikker. When asked for the origin of their name Daddo the singer/songwriter and gitarist of the band said: “We all three are not particularly impetuous but rather emotional. Fortunately we get along very well with each other and agree with the direction where we want to take our music to.”

You can check the photos of our performance at the media section.


News Update !

So what’s going on,
I know it’s been a while, but there is a good reason for it, I didn’t want to reveal it to the world until now, but the new CD is on the way (yes, you read that right), the tracks are in process of being rounded for the production, and this time there are guest musicians from around the globe. I’m very pleased to say that after the debut “Coming of the light” caught international attention, there was a steer in the musicians community that lead to these collaborations, and all of these musicians are massive in their own field, (I won’t be giving it away yet who they are 🙂 I’ll keep you posted as tracks are being made), this update is just to give you a head start and prepare you for the things to come.
As usual there are more then thirty tracks made for the Album, and this will eventually be narrowed to give a tight musical journey through dimensions of jazz, electroacoustic, funk, rock, latin and world, keeping it true in tradition of DRIFTKIKKER style you all grew to like.

So much for now,

Till Soon !