Leidse Dagblad

Daddo a resident of Leiden, have worked for more than one year, but now is the CD Driftkikker: “Coming or the Light” out. Driftkikker is the band of Daddo who has written both music and lyrics. Also the 15 numbers which can be found on the cd are mainly played by Daddo himself. On a number of tracks befriended musicians took part, among others John Kakiay, Ned, Randy Winterdall and the Greek DJ Roudos. Music is best defined as as Nu-Jazz, that stands for combination of jazz textures and sometimes jazz instrumentation with electronic music.Daddo, now 32 years old, the resident of Leiden, started his career as a visual artist, but has brought this always in combination with music. As an artist he has a large number of expositions on his name with his work stand, among others in Miami (USA). The combination of visual art and music gave Daddo the inspiration to create sound installations that were exposed on Northsea jazz in 1998, and 2000, these installations attracted the attention of a general public that generated among others the invitation to play in Tobacco Road in Miami. Tobacco Road is one of the oldest jazz/blues podia of the USA.

Daddo’s visual art oftenly came across as minimalism and expressionism and his work have as an subject the harmony between people and their surroundings. This vision can be tracked back in the songs on the cd.

Music of Driftkiker and the lyrics are not just 15 songs. Daddo wanted say something.

It is a mix of emotion and matter with which he is faced, such as the problems in the world. It is a sound picture of his experiences and vision on the world.

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