driftkikker on the Radio

Driftkikker scores airplay on a national radio in Hungary,
The program is called manamana and it’s presented by 3 supercool DJ’s called Suefo , Nafta and Kork on a radio “Tilos”.
Tilos Radio was established as a pirate community radio station in Budapest in 1991 as a way of bringing the public’s attention to the fact that there was at that time no legal framework for independent and community broadcasters. During the first years of its broadcasting, Tilos (which means “forbidden” in Hungarian) enjoyed wide public interest and has played a key role in the liberalization of the airwaves in Hungary, which happened in 1995. Tilos Radio has got a legal frequency license in 1995 and became a hot local community station in Budapest with its morning phone-in talk-shows and its cool music programs, broadcasting 24 hours a day. Now Tilos is a key player in the cultural and lifestyle scene of Budapest. Meanwhile Tilos Radio has its fingers on the public pulse with its social thinking, minority oriented programs, and its radical and tolerant attitude.
Don’t live in hungary, no problem, neither do we, but you can follow the program on internet through one of these links : radio tilos or manamana,
tune in an check out what the show is all about.

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