Driftkikker Showcasing on a Jazzdag


Absolutely great news came in the other day,
Driftkikker made it through a tough competition and was chosen out of 130 bands/acts to showcase on a new major jazz festival in Amersfoort, Netherlands on Friday 11 may 2007, so book this one into your agenda and be there.
There are 25 acts presenting themselves, and each one will be playing in one of 25 different venues during the evening.
The acts are (in alphabetical order);

Alice http://www.myspace.com/alicemusiq
Born To Jazz http://www.borntojazz.com
Dimitar Bodurov http://www.dimitarbodurov.com
Driftkikker http://www.driftkikker.com
Esra Dalfidan, Fidan http://www.fidan.nl
Fran Schreuder Trio
Future Groove Express http://www.futuregrooveexpress.com
Homesick & Louisiana Men http://www.louisianamen.nl
Jazzdiggers http://www.jazzdiggers.com
Joep Peeters en zijn Gumbo Gabbers http://www.joeppeeters.nl
Martin Verdonk Latin-Jazz V.S.O.P. http://www.martinverdonk.com
Mirjam van Dam http://www.mirjamvandam.nl
Monsieur Dubois http://www.monsieurdubois.com
Nienke & Band http://www.nienkemusic.com
Orquesta Santiago http://www.orquesta-santiago.nl
Quinteto Tango Extremo http://www.jwajazz.nl
Rembrandt Frerichs Trio http://www.rembrandtfrerichs.nl
Robinson, Freitag & Caruso http://www.myspace.com/rfandc
Soo Cho Trio http://www.soocho.nl
Soulful http://www.eddiec.nl
Spectalicious http://www.spectalicious.com
Spirit of St. Louis http://www.spirit-of-st-louis.nl
SYLT http://www.willemblokker.nl
The Auratones http://www.theauratones.com
Van Santen http://www.pietervansanten.nl
Voer http://www.voermusic.com
Zydeco Fever http://www.zydecofever.com

This event is intended as an meeting place for the jazz-sector on the (inter)national level, so this year there is a workshop by Gino Vanelli “Succesful Songwriting”, as well there will be a possibility for all artists (showcasing or not) to present their work to the experts from the music biz, get the insights and know-hows on various topics. (must sign in to apply click here!)
More info will follow soon so make sure to check again in a while !!!

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