Tweet For A Track

Hiya All !

Here is a newbie for you ! Twitter approached me the other day offering a new service for artists, “Tweet for a track” sweeeeet,  basically the idea is that you get a track for just one tweet, horaaah 🙂 why… you might be asking yourself, well..  every artist needs a promotion and help on his way, this is where you kick in, this way you will be ensuring that the artist gets exactly that and while supporting and promoting the artist you will be extending your musical library at the same time, as they say win win situation !
So, From now on you can find Driftkikker’s freebie “Still Sometimes” for just one tweet at
Join in and let your family know, let your friends know, hell let your friends friends know and while you’re at it, let your family’s and friends neighbors know as well 🙂

Have fun !
And Thank You in Advance for your support !

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