You, Me & Water Part 3 [Blue Gold]

Hello Everybody !
Earlier I wrote two articles (part1 & part2) about the condition of the water in the world and me growing up with water pollution.
Needless to say we all know the importance water, to add to curent unfortunate circumstances there are some that care not about it and there are others that only see the profit out of human misery, this leads me to this 3rd sequel on the story of water. Just recently I saw the movie called “Blue Gold” that put things in the perspective as they are at this particular moment and where they could go if we do not start taking notice of the current situation. This movie is filled with very nicely structured information, clues and ideas on alternative ways we can prevent water shortage, get clean water to those who need it the most and stop those who see it only as a goods to make profit on, after all water is our fundamental right like the air we breath. No one should be able to exploit that !

As they say picture speaks for thousand words. Here is the trailer of the movie “Blue Gold” please try to find the time to watch it, you won’t regret it and I’m sure you will feel prone to share it with your friends !

One thought on “You, Me & Water Part 3 [Blue Gold]

  1. Ned says:

    “No one should be able to exploit that !”
    I agree to that!
    Thank you for sharing!

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