The Word

Driftkikker is a Dutch compound word made of Drift and Kikker.
Drift comes from the word Driftig which means ‘quick tempered’ ‘impulsive’ or ‘impetuous’ while Kikker stands for Frog, basically these two together form a word that describes someone jumpy and prone to outbursts.

- drift-kik-ker (de ~ (m.))
– language / Dutch
– literary translation / impetuous frog
– common translation / someone impulsive


From Ancient Rome over Schotland to the Americas, Japan, China, India and Africa, frog has always been a symbol of rebirth, cleansing, transformation, healing and abundance. Some ancient tribes believed that frog is the communicator between Mother Earth and humans, representing sharing of knowledge and power. Frog has also been seen as a teacher of people to find opportunities in transition and herald of warning to impending danger while for some it symbolizes awakening of ones creativity.


When contemplating the depth of emotion behind the name, one will soon come to realize that having a description of a hothead, Driftkikker is by nature very emotional, but also someone who speaks and acts straight from the heart and without calculation. Impulsive and spontaneous reactions that are translating emotions through the medium of music communicates a universal language that is common to us all.


Nowadays we are found more and more in a world that is obsessed with calculations, profits and possessions. The shift of human consciousness is being steered through careful marketing strategy while digital revolution has brought us prosperity and at the same time has introduced us with uniformity of an unknown scale, we as a human kind are in danger of loosing the sense of individuality today maybe more then ever before.
We believe that art and artist should play a role of messengers pointing out the fundamental human values. Just as a frog that croaks warnings of a change in weather, we voice ourselves and express our observations of the world around us, making our views as objective as possible and available to everyone who picks up on our trail.

Music Methodology

Driftkikker stands for change and integration, using the traditional and modern means to bring over the message of opportunities in this time of technological and social transition. Our intention is to communicate in a creative and individual way, this is why our creative process is based on capturing the raw essence of the spontaneous reactions during our musical conversations. Practicing this we are attempting to achieve fluidity and clarity while syncing with the inner in hope to touch the essence and share it with the audience.

The Message

Find your path and stay true to your heart.

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