Recording at Sing Sing for PBP

Last week we were recording a live show at Sing Sing Studio for Psychodelic Birthday Party. This initiative is a creation of Milan Ciric & Johaness Faberij de Jonge, the intention of the program is to open up the doors for the alternative as opposed to what the mainstream commercial radio and tv stations are broadcasting at the moment. Hearts and souls of all people involved is really at the place and we all very much enjoyed being a part of this great initiative. For those of you who don’t know Milan Ciric, he is a legendary producer and sound engineer of the alternative and punk rock scene of Yugoslavia back in the day. We played two completely new songs written specially for the occasion with Driftkikker’s new additions David Barker on Drums and Genzo Okabe on the Saxophone, both who landed in the project in no time and extended the music of Driftkikker with their talents. New material is being written and is including some contemporary blends of electronic sounds borrowing from Dubstep & Trance fusing with Ambient and Lounge, while playing live on top of it mixture of Jazz, Rock, Soul & Funk.

The next episode of Psychodelic Birthday Party featuring Driftkikker and Puck Cyson (produced by Daddo) should be online in about a month, as soon as it is out there I will be letting you all know.

Interview with Mijke van Wijk on Radio6

Hiya all,

So what’s the news, today I got interviewed by Mijke van Wijk from NPS (Dutch National Radio) Radio6.
She picked up on Driftkikker whilst surfin and got curious about the whole lot behind it 🙂 Gave me a call and we had a most pleasant conversation about how things came to be.

For you who are not familiar with Mijke, here are few words about her:
Mijke’s Middag stands for a pleasant mix of energetic jazz and soul!
Mijke van Wijk lets you hear that jazz is not necessarily a ‘moaning music’: “Jazz is Hip. I oftenly see jazzbands that are turning the clubs upside down. That is the sort of music you can hear on my show. In about five years the whole Netherlands will be listening to jazz at home”, says Mijke van Wijk.

Regularly there are live bands on the show and present the latest tracks or projects. Next to that Mijke is keeping you updated about the most important developments in the Jazz, Soul and World.

You can listen online every working day as well @
Wanna listen to it today go to
Or catch the previous shows @

Listen to KX Radio !

KX Radio is the radio station of Rob Stenders, that features Wicked Jazz Sounds show every Wednesday from 19:00-21:00 !
SO from now on you can hear Driftkikker’s D-Time aired on WJS every Wednesday, you know what to do 😉 you can catch it online o n this link!

or, you can open a live stream in your favorite player;

itunes, choose music/advanced/open audiostream and copy this :

And if you don’t hear us… well, don’t stand still, get in touch with them and let em know 🙂 they love it !
Big Thanks everybody, especially to Phil Horneman who does the show, big ups for you man !

oh yeah, don’t forget to check WJS @:

Jazzy Lounge Radio Broadcast

Today Sunday, March 2, 2008 Jazzy Lounge the Station where Driftkikker landed on the 21 place of the top 25 chart with Babylon Philosophy is upgrading it’s broadcast format from 32kbps/mp3pro to 64kbps/mp3pro.

The sound quality for the casual Jazzy Lounge listener with the mp3pro plug-in will be upgraded from FM to CD.

In conjunction with the upgrade, Jazzy Lounge will have in rotation more tracks at 100 BPM or greater. Genres being eliminated from weekday rotation will be ambient, dance, most house, trip-hop, hip-hop and some electronica. Jazzy Lounge is aiming for a jazzier, funkier mix- more nu jazz, acid jazz, lounge, smooth jazz, downtempo, funk jazz, jazzy house and chill out.

The first segment of new format will probably be approximately three hours long and will be expanded throughout the day until it reaches a nine hour format.

So Tune in and listen to some more Driftkikker on this wonderfuly eclectic radio station ! &

A superb combination of styles and eras: nu jazz, ambient, funk and rock… U2 meets Incognito. We love it.
Sandy Shore – President/Founder of –

Wonderfull thing happened, Driftkikker’s Babylon Philosophy, Nobody Else, Pramousquier and Your Expression are included into a & playlist, Internet Broadcasting icon,, was the Smooth Jazz radio station to broadcast on the Internet Since 1995 it has been the #1 destination for Jazz on-line with a global audience of highly participatory music enthusiasts who enjoy visiting this virtual.

For a deep, artful mix of smooth instrumental music and cool vocals, listeners all over the world access Radio from many on-line resources including iTunes, Shoutcast and on the Roku Soundbridge (where the station is locked in as pre-set). Visitors utilize’s colorful and diverse website as a source for new music, concert tours, festivals and events, artist interviews, Podcasts and more. – is the cool new spin-off, chill-out radio station from Internet Broadcasting icon This stylish new sound that many call “Chill” or “Lounge” music originated in Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean belonging to Spain. The idea behind the music is to create an after-party vibe that is easy to relax and chill to. has created a unique blend of chill for sophisticated adult listeners looking for something different in their radio experience: A sultry, urbane and organic music mix of music that incorporates elements of jazz, electronica, world, and downtempo as well as warm, rich vocals that melt into the mix like honey.

Since its debut in the summer of 2005, is quickly becoming one of the most listened to Chill stations on the Internet, broadcasting more than 750,000 hours with upwards of a million tune-ins per month!

Driftkikker on Groovera Radio

Driftkikker is included at the playlist of the Groovera radio !
So what is Groovera, you maybe ask yourself, well Groovera is an webcast that operates independently, free of commercial interruption or subscription and without any corporate sponsorship or funding. Groovera stands out as the only webcaster in its league who operates without support of any kind from a major media conglomerate, running entirely with resources provided by private personal funds and listener support and plays music styles s.a. lounge, ambient popsicle, chillout music, soft techno, downtempo, future lounge, nu-jazz, trip-hop, deep house…
As a result Groovera reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners monthly in over seventy-five countries and is awarded several times for the quality of their shows, hence our excitement to be a part of it.

Radio Laser 95.9fm FRANCE

Driftkikker is being greatly received in FRANCE through Radio Laser 95.9FM.
Radio Laser has been conceived and concepted by Sly Athann a renowned French producer in 1992, after the success of Radio Laser, few years later (1995) follows the creation and a production of a CD program “Black Swing” that has been diffused on more then 260 radios all over the world. He has also produced a dozen records under the name Steve Austeen, and recently has colaborated with Gillian O’Donovan who has toured the world with many different groups (backing vocalist with Eurhythmics, Joe Cocker, Phil Collins, John Cale, Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen Amongst Others)
Driftkikker is proud to be exposed to the French audience through Sly’s show !
Swing by RadioLaser and say Hi to Sly !

Driftkikker at Soilsound Chronicles USA

Soilsound produces enhanced podcasts that are not only free and downloadable, but are also played in the ether by different radiostations from around the globe. These podcasts go under the name of Soilsound Chronicles and are showcasing music from around the world every Tuesday, including styles s.a. Delicious Downtempo, Lush Lounge, Natural nu-Jazz, Sexy Soul, Tantalizing Trip-Hop, Alluring Ambient. Listen, enjoy & spread around !!!

Driftkikker @ NPS Studio 6

Vanaf vandaag is Driftkikker ook te horen op de Nederlandse nationale zender NPS op het programma STUDIO 6, dit is een vijf uur durend liveprogramma met veel muziek: jazz, world & beyond, maar ook uitstapjes naar pop en klassiek. Daarnaast ook uittips, cultuurnieuws en dagelijks een recept. Iedere dag is er een muziekgast die centraal staat. De presentatie is in handen van Vincent van Engelen of Co de Kloet. / Studio 6 wordt elke werkdag uitgezonden om 14:00EN
From today Driftkikker is also to be heard on the national radio (NPS) in the Netherlands on the STUDIO 6 program, this is a five hour live radio show with lots of music: jazz, world & beyond, that also ventures to pop and classic. Also there are useful tips for going out, culture news and one daily recipe. Every day there is a music guest around whom the show spins. The presentation is in the hands of Vincent van Engelen or Co de Kloet. / Studio 6 transmits each working day from 14.00