Recording at Sing Sing for PBP

Last week we were recording a live show at Sing Sing Studio for Psychodelic Birthday Party. This initiative is a creation of Milan Ciric & Johaness Faberij de Jonge, the intention of the program is to open up the doors for the alternative as opposed to what the mainstream commercial radio and tv stations are broadcasting at the moment. Hearts and souls of all people involved is really at the place and we all very much enjoyed being a part of this great initiative. For those of you who don’t know Milan Ciric, he is a legendary producer and sound engineer of the alternative and punk rock scene of Yugoslavia back in the day. We played two completely new songs written specially for the occasion with Driftkikker’s new additions David Barker on Drums and Genzo Okabe on the Saxophone, both who landed in the project in no time and extended the music of Driftkikker with their talents. New material is being written and is including some contemporary blends of electronic sounds borrowing from Dubstep & Trance fusing with Ambient and Lounge, while playing live on top of it mixture of Jazz, Rock, Soul & Funk.

The next episode of Psychodelic Birthday Party featuring Driftkikker and Puck Cyson (produced by Daddo) should be online in about a month, as soon as it is out there I will be letting you all know.