Driftkikker on Groovera Radio

Driftkikker is included at the playlist of the Groovera radio !
So what is Groovera, you maybe ask yourself, well Groovera is an webcast that operates independently, free of commercial interruption or subscription and without any corporate sponsorship or funding. Groovera stands out as the only webcaster in its league who operates without support of any kind from a major media conglomerate, running entirely with resources provided by private personal funds and listener support and plays music styles s.a. lounge, ambient popsicle, chillout music, soft techno, downtempo, future lounge, nu-jazz, trip-hop, deep house…
As a result Groovera reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners monthly in over seventy-five countries and is awarded several times for the quality of their shows, hence our excitement to be a part of it.