News Update !

So what’s going on,
I know it’s been a while, but there is a good reason for it, I didn’t want to reveal it to the world until now, but the new CD is on the way (yes, you read that right), the tracks are in process of being rounded for the production, and this time there are guest musicians from around the globe. I’m very pleased to say that after the debut “Coming of the light” caught international attention, there was a steer in the musicians community that lead to these collaborations, and all of these musicians are massive in their own field, (I won’t be giving it away yet who they are 🙂 I’ll keep you posted as tracks are being made), this update is just to give you a head start and prepare you for the things to come.
As usual there are more then thirty tracks made for the Album, and this will eventually be narrowed to give a tight musical journey through dimensions of jazz, electroacoustic, funk, rock, latin and world, keeping it true in tradition of DRIFTKIKKER style you all grew to like.

So much for now,

Till Soon !

Driftkikker @ Sugar Factory

Through a cooperation with Wicked Jazz Sounds Driftkikker will be featuring at Sugar Factory in Amsterdam on 18 March at 22:00.
Wicked Jazz Sounds is an Amsterdam based organisation –where Jazz meets dance-. It brings an eclectic mix of the warmth and essence of Jazz and energy of nowadays dance music. It features DJs, live musicians, dancers, VJs and a whole lot of people dancing with a smile. It makes you travel a futuristic journey through jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk, broken-beat, house, drum & bass and beyond…
Nacht Theater

LiveXS Review

New year, a new start !
This review is from one of the biggest monthly music magazines in the Netherlands, LiveXS, here is what it says (text translated from Dutch);

With this name I expected rather rock band then a nu-jazz group, my surprise is even greater when this disc makes it’s first spin. The combination of different styles like funk, soul and jazz sounds especially in the beginning musicaly good, a bit slick maybe, but especially very laidback. Big minus of the “Coming of the light” is the length, the young band is simply missing the quality to be able to captivate for 55 minutes. Should the record been shorter, then the impact of it would have been undoubtedly greater, now after a passing of time it becomes quite boring and dies out as a candle. Next to that the Dutch accent of the singer/rapper Daddo is sometimes on the edge of annoying.

– Lasts too long
+ Sound Laidback

written by Miguel Thannhauser for LiveXS January 2007

Nederlandse Versie

Bij deze naam verwacht ik eerder een rock band dan een nu-jazz gezelschap, mijn verbazing is dan ook groot waneer dit schijfje zijn eerste spin draait. De combinatie van verschillende stijlen als funk, soul en jazz klinkt vooral in het begin muzikaal goed, een beetje gladjes misschien, maar vooral erg laidback. Groot minpunt aan de “Coming of the light” is echter de lengte, de jonge band mist simpelweg kwaliteit om de 55 minuten te kunnen boeien. Had de plaat een stuk korter geduurd, dan was de impact ongetwijfeld een stuk groter geweest, nu wordt het na verloop van tijd toch wel erg saai en gaat de plaat als een nachtkaars uit. Daarnaast zit het Nederlandse accent van zanger/rapper Daddo soms op het randje van storend.
– Duurt te lang
+ Laidback geluid

geschreven door Miguel Thannhauser voor LiveXS January 2007

driftkikker @ New York's Clubs

This is what a prominent NY DJ Rafe Gomez has to say about music of Driftkikker

Soul. Jazz. Cool analog funk. And an ultra heaping helping of infectious groovedom – that’s the Driftkikker steelo, and it’s wowing heads at NYC’s Cellar Bar, where I kick it each week. Keep on y’all. Your flow is crazy tasty…

Hosted by DJ Rafe Gomez, The Groove Boutique� combines scintillating tracks from the world�s most exciting jazz genres, including:
70s soul jazz
80s jazz-funk
90s acid jazz
Today’s uptempo smooth jazz, nu jazz, and chill jazz The result is an exhilarating listening experience that melds vibrant jazz musicianship with dynamic, irresistible rhythms.