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You, Me & Water Part 1

When I started writing this I wanted to focus myself only on water, marine water especially, but very soon this turned out to be unrealistic and in all fairness other problems needed to be addressed to paint the whole picture and the scale of the problem. This is why in the end I decided to make the series of posts regarding these issues

Being brought up in the coastal city at Adriatic I always had a special relation with sea and the pollution. Big shipyard and plastic factory were pride and shame of the city, while producing magnificent ships, cups, raincoats and etc… they were unfortunately dumping all kinds of toxins in the bay during the process (mercury being the most common one). Next to that city council couldn’t find the solution for the sewage so they went the easy way and decided to dump it unfiltered in the middle of the promenade straight into the sea, turning the beautiful historical walkway into a mockery of stench. I think that everyone wanted to believe in the saying “ Sea cleans itself by itself” little bit to eagerly. So as kids we all grew up with occasional eczema taking it as you would a seasonal flu while looking at the dead fish turned belly up floating by.

Today when I look in retrospective I realize that a lot of what was happening in my community while I was growing up made me more environmentally friendly and if I had to change anything about the way I grew up it would be the way I learned the importance of our environment.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all grow up into the world of circumstances learning how to deal with them along the way, while during that process these circumstances help us raise our awareness it’s a personal choice what do we do with that knowledge in the end.

On this note I would like to close this post with couple of links to organizations that are providing clean water where it’s needed the most;