Jazzy Lounge Radio Broadcast

Today Sunday, March 2, 2008 Jazzy Lounge the Station where Driftkikker landed on the 21 place of the top 25 chart with Babylon Philosophy is upgrading it’s broadcast format from 32kbps/mp3pro to 64kbps/mp3pro.

The sound quality for the casual Jazzy Lounge listener with the mp3pro plug-in will be upgraded from FM to CD.

In conjunction with the upgrade, Jazzy Lounge will have in rotation more tracks at 100 BPM or greater. Genres being eliminated from weekday rotation will be ambient, dance, most house, trip-hop, hip-hop and some electronica. Jazzy Lounge is aiming for a jazzier, funkier mix- more nu jazz, acid jazz, lounge, smooth jazz, downtempo, funk jazz, jazzy house and chill out.

The first segment of new format will probably be approximately three hours long and will be expanded throughout the day until it reaches a nine hour format.

So Tune in and listen to some more Driftkikker on this wonderfuly eclectic radio station !

SmoothJazz.com & SmoothLounge.com

A superb combination of styles and eras: nu jazz, ambient, funk and rock… U2 meets Incognito. We love it.
Sandy Shore – President/Founder of Smoothjazz.com – SmoothLounge.com

Wonderfull thing happened, Driftkikker’s Babylon Philosophy, Nobody Else, Pramousquier and Your Expression are included into a smoothjazz.com & smoothlounge.com playlist, Internet Broadcasting icon, Smoothjazz.com, was the Smooth Jazz radio station to broadcast on the Internet Since 1995 it has been the #1 destination for Jazz on-line with a global audience of highly participatory music enthusiasts who enjoy visiting this virtual.

For a deep, artful mix of smooth instrumental music and cool vocals, listeners all over the world access Smoothjazz.com Radio from many on-line resources including iTunes, Shoutcast and on the Roku Soundbridge (where the station is locked in as pre-set). Visitors utilize Smoothjazz.com’s colorful and diverse website as a source for new music, concert tours, festivals and events, artist interviews, Podcasts and more.

SmoothLounge.com – is the cool new spin-off, chill-out radio station from Internet Broadcasting icon Smoothjazz.com. This stylish new sound that many call “Chill” or “Lounge” music originated in Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean belonging to Spain. The idea behind the music is to create an after-party vibe that is easy to relax and chill to. SmoothLounge.com has created a unique blend of chill for sophisticated adult listeners looking for something different in their radio experience: A sultry, urbane and organic music mix of music that incorporates elements of jazz, electronica, world, and downtempo as well as warm, rich vocals that melt into the mix like honey.

Since its debut in the summer of 2005, SmoothLounge.com is quickly becoming one of the most listened to Chill stations on the Internet, broadcasting more than 750,000 hours with upwards of a million tune-ins per month!

Driftkikker on Groovera Radio

Driftkikker is included at the playlist of the Groovera radio !
So what is Groovera, you maybe ask yourself, well Groovera is an webcast that operates independently, free of commercial interruption or subscription and without any corporate sponsorship or funding. Groovera stands out as the only webcaster in its league who operates without support of any kind from a major media conglomerate, running entirely with resources provided by private personal funds and listener support and plays music styles s.a. lounge, ambient popsicle, chillout music, soft techno, downtempo, future lounge, nu-jazz, trip-hop, deep house…
As a result Groovera reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners monthly in over seventy-five countries and is awarded several times for the quality of their shows, hence our excitement to be a part of it.