Driftkikker Store Officialy Open !

Driftkikker StoreYes that’s right,
this was long in making, and some of you have waited long enough for it.
Finally you can buy our products from us ! directly ! no middle man, no go in-betweens but pure direct contact with people you want to support, us, Driftkikker !
So what can you find in our digital store besides the music CD’s and Mp3 downloads, well, you can get yourself or someone you like some Driftkikker T-shirts or caps, or even better the whole lot :), actually now that we are talking about it, why not go now and see for yourself. Surprise yourself or someone with one of our HQ products, and show off with it !

First Edition Driftkikker T-shirts available

Super Cool Driftkikker Shirts, a limited first edition available now,

Chances are if you were at our last gig you’ve seen ’em and probably wearing one right now, if not after clickin’ on the thumbnails you’ll be craving for one.

Do not let this opportunity pass you, cause once they’re gone they’re gone,

don’t say later I didn’t warn you ;p

To order one of this special shirts please visit our webstore.