Driftkikker on VIRB !

Booyah !
Few days ago I stumbled upon a great social website called VIRB°, for all of you who don’t know about it you probably should cause this place is awesome VIRB° is a place that lets you put all of the things that make you you – photos, videos, blogs – in one place, and puts other social websites to shame. If you already have a blog, flickr account ect, with VIRB° you can connect to them in a matter of minutes, makes updates automatically easier 🙂 VIRB° is a vision of a social community – done right.
Go grab yourself an account and drop by our VIRB° page to say hi, if you have an account already please do the same !

driftkikker @ PureVolume

Here is another small update for all music sites fans.
We have a new page @, it’s fun and a treat for your eyes, wonderfully designed with all the usual features plus some more, drop by and say hello.
Never heard about it, here is some info in a nutshell;
PureVolume is a new type of networking website, focused on creating fun, far-reaching websites based around lifestyles such as music, online entertainment and social networking.

driftkikker @

You know the Muzzy also know as a MUSIC FROM NL website, well, from today we are a part of a big family of Dutch musicians, this website populates a large number of Dutch bands and musicians, venues and gives updates on latest concerts and festivals in the Netherlands. Another thing to be mentioned is that this site is not for the Dutch only, so if you are interested promoting your music abroad, you can visit our page and see how do you like the concept.